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SCOPE.Eli Lilly and Company (Ireland) Limited and its affiliates ("Lilly ") respects the privacy of visitors to its websites. This Privacy and Cookie Policy sets out the basis upon which any personal data we collect from you or which you provide to us will be processed by us and our policy in relation to cookies. Please read the following carefully to understand our practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. This website Privacy and Cookie Policy applies only to the operation of websites and mobile applications owned by Lilly that directly link to this statement when you click on "Privacy and Cookie Policy" on this website or mobile application. By using this website you agree to the terms of this Privacy and Cookie Policy and consent to (i) any personal data we collect from you or which you provide to us and (ii) our use of cookies being used in accordance with this Privacy and Cookie Policy. Your use of this website or mobile application is also subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Copyright Statement.

This website is owned and operated by Lilly but the information you provide may be accessible to our affiliates, vendors and suppliers in other countries. If you are visiting this website from a country other than the United States of America, information collected from you on this website will be transferred outside your country. The level of protection for personal information is not the same in all countries and may not be as protective as the data protection laws of the Republic of Ireland; however, we will take reasonable efforts and security measures as described in this Privacy and Cookie Policy in an effort to keep Your Information secure. By using this website, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of Your Information in the United States of America and in any country to which we may transfer Your Information in the course of our business operations. Personal information may be transferred to affiliated companies in the United States. Eli Lilly and Company and its affiliates in the U.S. adhere to the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from the European Union (EU) member countries.

COOKIES. This website uses a technology called a "cookie". A cookie is a piece of information that our webserver sends to your device (actually to your browser file) when you access a website. If you come back to our website it will detect whether you have one of our cookies on your computer.
According to Irish law, businesses and organisations running websites in the Republic of Ireland need to get consent from visitors to their websites in order to store certain cookies on your device.
More information about these rules can be found on the Data Protection Commissioner’s website

Third party cookies on our sites. Lilly does not allow third parties to set cookies on your computer through this website unless these cookies are set at our request and are under our direct control and are not used or accessed by such third party except as set forth in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Managing Your Cookies. This website may not function correctly or be visible to you if you elect not to allow cookies to be placed on your computer and certain functions, such as becoming a registered user, may not be available.
If you do not want these cookies on your computer you can delete them or block them. There are different methods for viewing, deleting or blocking cookies set on your machine, depending on the browser you are using. Most browsers allow you to control your privacy settings, including the use of cookies in the browser’s ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’ menu. Please refer to your browser’s help information to learn more about these functions and specific instructions for you.

To learn more about cookies, visit a website such as Cookies

PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED AND PROCESSED. Through this website, Lilly will collect various information about you as follows:

Cookies. Cookies on this website help provide additional functionality to the website and help us analyse site usage more accurately. Some cookies are required for this website to function correctly, and may have already been set. Other cookies (usually Web Analytics Cookies) require your consent before we can place them on your device. By giving your consent, you agree to us storing these cookies on your device for the duration stated below.

We may use a combination of the following types of cookies on this website

1. Web Analytics Cookies If you give your consent, a third party Web server will install a cookie on your device in order to aid the accuracy of a statistical program. While a profile can be built up of a user's surfing habits through the use of this cookie, the only personal information that this cookie itself contains is the IP address. We use these profiles to establish common surfing patterns of our users, such as which links have been clicked or documents accessed, which helps us to maintain and enhance the service we provide. This cookie will remain on your device for about two years, even after you leave our site.

2. Session Cookies As you surf around our website, there are often times when we need to remember technical information about you as you surf page to page. We use this technical information in a multitude of ways to enhance your user experience, for example to remember your occupation to display the most appropriate content for you. These session cookies contain no personally identifiable information and only last until you end your session and leave our website.

3. Persistent or Login Session Cookie When you log into a restricted area, we may set a cookie on your PC, to remember your login details. This can be used for your convenience so that on subsequent visits, you aren't required to provide the entire log in information again. This cookie may remain on your device indefinitely, even after you leave our site.

Identifiable Information Submitted by you. We will collect personal information from you that can identify you, such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address (if static), professional details and other similar information ("Your Information") when it is voluntarily submitted to us. You may be submitting Your Information to us through a registration page or through a portion of the website that allows you to contact us or leave a comment. You may always refuse to provide Your Information to us (save in respect of a static IP address), but this may lead to our inability to provide you with certain information, products or services. We will clearly indicate to you on this website when we collect Your Information from you.

Web Server Logs and Web Analytics. Like the vast majority of internet websites, we automatically gather web server log information (as described within this paragraph) from you when you visit one of our websites via the computer that hosts our website (called a "webserver"). The webserver automatically recognises some non-personal information (except as specified below in the IP Address Section), such as your IP address, the date and time you visited our site, the pages you visited on our site, the length of time you spent on a page, the website you came from, the type of browser you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), the type of operating system you are using (e.g. Windows 7), and the domain name and address of your Internet service provider (e.g. BT). If our site is using cookies (which is disclosed above), the webserver will also collect this information.

We often review the web server log information to see what website pages are being visited to get a better understanding of how the site is being used by our visitors. This is popularly known as Web Analytics and allows us to maintain and enhance our service. In addition, in cases of system abuse, we may use this information in conjunction with your Internet Service Provider and/or local authorities to trace the source of any such abuse. In order to produce Web Analytics, this website uses IP addresses and Cookies as described in other sections of this Policy.

Web Beacons. A Web Beacon is a graphic on a webpage or in an email designed to track pages viewed or messages opened. Our websites may use Web Beacons (sometimes called single-pixel GIFS) to collect web server log information. We may also include Web Beacons in promotional email messages in order to determine whether messages have been opened or otherwise acted upon.

IP Addresses. This website uses Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. An IP address is a number assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider so you can access the Internet. Generally, an IP address changes each time you connect to the Internet (it is a "dynamic" address). Note, however, that if you have a broadband connection, depending on your individual circumstance, it is possible that your IP address that we collect, or even perhaps a cookie we use, may contain information that could be deemed identifiable. This is because with some broadband connections your IP address doesn't change (it is "static") and could be associated with your personal computer. IP addresses are used as part of the webserver log information as stated above.

Social Media Plugins. Our websites may use Social Media Plugins to enable you to easily share information with others. When you visit our websites, the operator of the social media plugin that is on our website can place a cookie on your computer, enabling that operator to recognize individuals on their website who have previously visited our sites. If you are logged into the social media website while browsing on our website, social media plugins may allow that social media website to receive directly identifiable information about you that shows you have visited our website. Social media plugins also allow the social media website to share information about your activities on our website with other users of their social media website. Lilly does not control any of the content from social media plugins. For more information about social plugins from social media websites you should refer to those sites’ privacy and data sharing statements.

Do Not Track. Some web browsers may transmit "do-not-track" signals to websites with which the browser communicates. Lilly webservers do not currently respond to these signals,

USES AND DISCLOSURES. We will use Your Information to respond to requests you may make of us or, if applicable, comments you have posted on or via this website, and from time to time, we may refer to Your Information to better understand your needs and how we can improve our websites, products and services. If you have consented and this complies with applicable law, we may also use Your Information to contact you and/or provide you with general health information (like information on certain health conditions) as well as information about our products and services. We may also enhance or merge Your Information with data obtained from third parties for the same purposes.

IP addresses are used as part of the webserver log information as stated above. We use your IP address to report on use and to help improve the website and mobile applications as stated in the Web Server Logs and Web Analytics Section. We also may use your IP address to personalize content provided on the website and mobile applications. We retain IP addresses and we retain them together with Your Information.

We may share Your Information with agents, contractors or partners of Lilly in connection with services that these individuals or entities perform for, or with, Lilly. These agents, contractors or partners are restricted from using this data in any way other than to provide services for Lilly, or services for the collaboration in which they and Lilly are engaged (for example, some of our products are developed and marketed through joint agreements with other companies). We may, for example, provide Your Information to agents, contractors or partners for hosting our databases, for data processing services, or so that they can mail you information that you requested. Lilly requires that such contractors enter into contractual guarantees to observe security and privacy obligations as least as stringent as those set forth in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.
We will store Your Information only to the extent and for so long as is necessary for the uses stated above, the functioning of the site or the service offered on the website or mobile application.

Lilly reserves the right to share Your Information to respond to duly authorised information requests of governmental authorities or where required by law. This includes providing information for the purposes of fraud detection and protection against terrorism. In exceptionally rare circumstances where national, state or company security is at issue, Lilly reserves the right to share our entire database of visitors and customers with appropriate governmental authorities.

We may also provide Your Information to a third party in connection with the sale, assignment, or other transfer of the business of the website to which the information relates, in which case we will require any such buyer to agree to treat Your Information in accordance with this Privacy and Cookie Policy. Any third parties we share data with (except for governmental agencies to whom disclosure is required by law) will be contractually obligated to provide a level of privacy protection at least as high as that provided for in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.


Correction of Your Information. This website may provide you with the ability to edit the information in your user account information that you provided to us in registration. If it does not, or in addition you may also request deletion of or changes to your user account or Your Information by contacting the Data Privacy Officer (using the contact details given below). Content or other data that you may have provided to us and that is not contained within your user account, such as posts that may appear within our forums, may continue to remain on our website at our discretion (other than Your Information) even though your user account is deleted.

Access and Opting-out of Services. Lilly will respect your marketing and communications preferences. You can opt-out of receiving commercial emails from us at any time by following the opt-out instruction in our commercial emails. You can also request removal from any or all of our contact lists, request deletion of your user account or send your queries about the storage and use of Your Information, by emailing us or writing to us at the following address:

c/o Data Privacy Officer
Eli Lilly and Company (Ireland)
Hyde House
65 Adelaide Road
Dublin 2

Please note that you may continue to receive materials while we are updating our lists.

SECURITY. Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect Your Information, we cannot guarantee the security of Your Information transmitted to our website. Any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received Your Information areas of this website that collect Your Information use reasonable security protections designed to protect this information. Lilly utilises its own and third party regional hosting centres (see section on "International Transfers") that have security precautions that provide for industry standard protection of Your Information. These regional sites place Your Information in databases that are protected by security firewalls and intrusion detection software.

INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS. Your Information may be transferred internationally among Lilly's global affiliates, business partners, contractors and agents as set forth above. In addition, all of Lilly's websites are hosted by Lilly or third parties at regional hosting centres. This means that Your Information as well as non-personal information that you provide is automatically transferred to such hosting centres for processing.


Minors. You should be aware that this website is not intended for, or designed to attract, individuals under the age of 18. We do not collect personally identifiable information from any person we actually know is an individual under the age of 18.

Sensitive Data: This website only collects and processes personal information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, and the processing of data concerning health, sex life or criminal convictions with your explicit, opt-in consent, and only to the extent necessary for the functioning of the site or the service offered on the website.

Links to other sites. As a convenience to our visitors, this website currently contains links to a number of sites that we believe may offer useful information. The policies and procedures we described here do not apply to those sites. We suggest contacting those sites directly for information on their privacy, security, data collection, and distribution policies. Lilly cannot be held liable for any actions by or content of such third-party sites.

Changes to this Website Privacy and Cookie Policy. We may update this website Privacy and Cookie Policy from time to time. When we do update it, for your convenience, we will make the updated statement available on this page. We will always handle Your Information in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie Policy in effect at the time it was collected. We will not make any materially different use of Your Information unless we notify you and give you an opportunity to object.

Last Updated: 14 November 2016

Contact Information.. If you have any questions about this Privacy and Cookie Policy or our website, please feel free to contact us in the UK by email or write to us at:

c/o Data Privacy Officer
Eli Lilly and Company (Ireland)
Hyde House
65 Adelaide Road
Dublin 2